Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our garlic loving friends! We have had quite the busy year, and as 2023 winds down we're preparing for a much needed vacation this holiday season.

We will fill orders received through December 15th. Unfortunately all the elves that work for us are being co-opted up to the North Pole by Santa, but they'll be back to Menn's Organic Garlic to fill orders again starting on January 8th 2024!

So please get your orders for gifts in this next week so we can have them off to you in time for you to send as presents... or just enjoy them yourself in your seasonal cooking.

Thank you for a great year,

Your Friends at Menn's Organic Garlic

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Gindo's update, Menns & Gindos Hot Sauces


Granulated and powdered garlic

Our special blend of heirloom garlics.

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Fresh Scapes

Scape season is comming soon. Accepting pre-orders to we can ship them to you as soon as they are harvested.

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Pickled Scapes

We pickle them fresh so you can enjoy the goodness all year.

Pickled scapes

Jacob Menn a.k.a. "Big Jake" inspects the harvest. He is the Menn Family Patriach, grandfather to "Little" Jacob Menn, and Dr. Eleanor Erwin