The Harvest is in and curing!


Shipping begins first week of September

Menn's Organic Garlic is a family-run agri-business growing high quality organic garlic in Wisconsin's Driftless Region.

New Product! Menns & Gindos Hot Sauces


Granulated and powdered garlic

Our special blend of heirloom garlics.

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Pickled Scapes

We pickle them fresh so you can enjoy the goodness all year.

Pickled scapes

Fresh Scapes

Scape season is comming soon. Accepting pre-orders to we can ship them to you as soon as they are harvested.

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Jacob Menn a.k.a. "Big Jake" inspects the harvest. He is the Menn Family Patriach, grandfather to "Little" Jacob Menn, and Dr. Eleanor Erwin